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Amla Berry and Ayurveda Benefits

Add this in your diet – Amla Berry

Amla means “sour”. It is Amalaki in Sanskrit. It has numerous medicinal benefits and a glorified fruit in Ayurveda.  The Amla berry can be amazing to add to your diet

Ayurvedic importance :

  • Amla is otherwise called as ‘Dhatri’ in Ayurveda which means it nourishes like mother’s milk.
  • It is vyastha – has alkalising properties and provides eternal beauty since it balances all three doshas.
  • It is medhya – nourishing your brain functions
  • It is a rasayana that has rejuvenating property
  • In classical categorization, it is grouped under the herbs that are useful in fever, cold, cough, (Jvaraghna, Kasaghna ) skin diseases (Kushtaghna ), inducing purgation (Virechanopaga),
  • It is Tridoshahara – balances all three doshas.
  • Guna – Qualities – Guru, Sheeta ( Heaviness and coolant)
  • Rasa – Taste – Has all five taste (excluding salt)
  • Veerya – Potency – Sheeta – cold

Amla contains a very high Vitamin C – highest of all known in plant kingdom – twenty times that an orange has. It also contains thrice of protein concentration and 160 times ascorbic acid to that of an apple !

Health benefits of Amla :

  • Amla encourages healthy metabolism, digestion and elimination
  • It is an anti-oxidant
  • Assists natural internal organ cleansing.
  • It s good for eyes and improves vision power
  • It is an aphrodisiac – It helps to rejuvenate both male and female reproductive system.
  • It helps the urinary system to function smoothly
  • It nurtures the heart, blood and circulation.
  • It detoxifies the liver.
  • It is good for skin, reduces inflammation and burning sensation in skin.
  • Amla enhances the absorption of calcium, which promotes healthy bones, hair, nail and teeth.
  • Since amla supports many bodily functions, balances all doshas, improves blood circulation through all microchannels in the body and thus removes fatigue and tiredness from body and keeps you rejuvenated
  • Strengthens lungs and boosts immunity.
  • Prevents infection and heals ulcers.


Amla is thus a storehouse of vitamins and for that reason it is called a poor man’s apple. Ayurvedic text lists it among the fruits that can be taken daily. Safe and rejuvenating, consume fresh amlas and enjoy the benefits. 

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