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Hepatitis Day – July 28th

Hepatitis Day – July 28th

World Hepatitis Day falls on July 28 every year creating awareness towards Hepatitis globally. Hepatitis affects millions of people worldwide. It is one among the eight official global public health campaigns marked by WHO - World Tuberculosis Day, World Health Day, World Immunization Week, World Blood Donor Day, World No Tobacco Day, World Malaria Day, World Hepatitis Day and World AIDS Day.

Types of Hepatitis

Hepatitis is classified according to the virus that causes the disease -

Hepatitis A :

  • caused by virus Hepatitis A
  • Vitamins - vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, C, E, choline, folic acid, aloetic acid, etc
  • spreads by food or water that is infected with the virus / sexually transmitted from infected person
  • infects liver cells and causes inflammation
  • It enables full recovery

Hepatitis B :

  • caused by the virus Hepatitis B Virus
  • It is transmitted by semen, infected blood and other body fluids.
  • Spreads by accidental pricks of infected needles/tattoo / use of personal items from infected person /human bite/ sexual contact
  • Infects and inflammes the liver causing liver cell damage leading to cirrhosis and liver cancer.
  • Generally full recovery is possible except for some chronic carriers

Hepatitis C :

  • Caused by virus Hepatitis C Virus
  • It is transmitted through infected blood.
  • Spreads through infected needles, piercing, mother to baby, contaminated IV or - Causes liver cell damage with cirrhosis and cancer
  • No vaccine is available
  • Can cause severe damage to liver over time.

Hepatitis D :

  • Caused by Hepatitis D Virus
  • Only those who are infected with Hepatitis B would have Hep D
  • This causes the liver to swell.
  • Dual infection of Hep B and Hep D is dangerous

Hepatitis E :

  • Caused by Hepatitis E Virus
  • Transmitted through contaminated water
  • This causes liver swelling but no long term effects.
  • Don't lead to chronic infection

Ayurvedic approach to Hepatitis :

Ayurveda considers liver disorders or inflammation in liver is a disorder of Pitta - Ranjaka Pitta.

Liver is the engine of human body. Yakrut - the Sanskrit name of liver means - 'Ya' - circulation; 'krut' - action. It is the seat of fire - anger, envy, jealousy and hatred. It aids in digestion and filtration process in body. It scans and identifies the toxins in body and prevents them from entering into the blood circulation. It secretes bile - the digestive juice to break down the fat. Liver is the seat of ranjaka pitta which performs following functions :

  • Ranjaka Pitta in liver disintegrates the haemoglobin into 'heme' and 'globin'. 'Heme' is the bile fluid.
  • 'Ranjaka' in Sanskrit means 'one who colours'. It is the one which gives colour to blood, plasma, urine and feces.
  • The fire of Ranjaka Pitta is responsible for the biochemical systems associated with the metabolism and gives the thrust to heart to push blood to all corners of the body.
  • It maintains the hemoglobin level which helps to carry the prana vata and viana vata to transport the oxygen to all organs and tissues of body

Disorder in Ranjaka Pitta is hepatitis. Ayurveda describes four types of kaamala (Jaundice or Hepatitis) -

  • Shakhasrita - It is a curable and minimal aggravation of pitta and kapha
  • Kumbha Kaamala - It is very high pitta and difficult to cure.
  • Panaki - Last stage of Kaamala
  • Haleemaka - advanced stage of anemia.

According to Ayurveda, Hepatitis includes all system of body - musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and skin. Treating Hepatitis in Ayurclinic includes an integrated treatment plan.

  • The root cause is diagnosed and cleared
  • Dietary recommendation that pacify Pitta
  • Clearing the blocked undigested impurities using herbs
  • Forceful emotional disturbances cleared through meditation.
  • Panchakarma

If an ancient wisdom can sort down the colouring factor of our blood even before 3000 years ago when dissection or modern factors were not available, their methods of cure should also be accurate!

Lets take the chance of Hepatitis Day 2017 to be more cautious on liver diseases and their natural cure.

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