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Womens day - 17

Ayurclinic – Women’s Day Blog

"To achieve beauty, a woman must first achieve health" says Elizabeth Arden

Good health is an important asset a human being can ever possess. Life becomes burdensome for those who suffer from ill-health. A person with good health can concentrate on his/her goals, work hard and put the best in all walks of life. In pink of health, a women is able to carry out her family, professional and social duties perfectly. She is liked by everyone and stays helpful to everyone she meets. A women's health is not only determined by her biological factors and her ability to reproduce, but also depends on the quality of nutrition she gets, the intensity of workload and stress she takes.

Women health in recent decades has been internationally recognized and efforts taken to have a stronger women population. More than diet, good health is a product of a proper and determined lifestyle. One cannot attain good health and a sound body overnight, it requires lot of effort and determination along with discipline. Ayurveda always suggests that a nature- inclined lifestyle which would provide us a perfect digestion and elimination process preventing the accumulation of toxins in the body. Take a look at the dinacharya or daily rituals suggested by Ayurvedic texts.

Ayurclinic provides detoxification therapies, Yoga and meditation help by trained professionals apart from the problem-specific medication that is offered by the Ayurvedic practioners. On this International Women's day Ayurcinic strongly recommends women to hold their routine, take time and analyse their health. Take some detoxification therapies and rejuvenate your tired cells. Address even small issues like headache, acne, or your major concerns like irregular periods, PCOS, infertility. Take help for your stress, depression, pre-natal and post-natal health problems. Take responsibility on your own body and stand confident.

We, at Ayurclinic, value womenhood and wish all of you stay happy and healthy.

Gift good health to your family and generations to come.

Happy Women's day!

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