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Sinusitis and Ayurveda

Sinusitis and Ayurveda

What is sinus?

Sinuses are the hallow cavities that are connected to one another present in the skull. These cavities are called "paranasal sinuses" that has a lining of mucous membrane. When this lining swells, pressure builds up.

Why do we have sinus?

Experts are not clear about the biological function of sinuses. However the presence of these cavities in skull helps in

  • filtering, humidifying and warming up the air that passes through the nasal passages.
  • These empty spaces help in lightening the overall weight of the skull
  • They determine the resonance properties of the voice.

What is Sinusitis?

When the sinus passages are blocked and filled with fluid, it breeds germs and causes inflammation. This inflammation leads to pain, congestion and sometimes fever.

What happens when we have sinusitis?

Sinusitis presents itself with following symptoms -

  • Localised pain or swelling around nose, eyes, cheeks and forehead
  • Blocked nose
  • Loss of smell and taste
  • Thick nasal discharge which is yellow or green.
  • Fever in acute conditions
  • Sneezing
  • Sore throat.

Why do we get this infection?

According to Ayurveda, Sinusitis is caused when Prana Vata and Shleshaka Kapha is simultaneously impaired. Prana Vata - sub-dosha of vata that governs brain, head and mind. Shleshaka Kapha - sub-dosha of Kapha that governs the moisture and lubrication balance. With accumulation of kapha (water), the movement of vata (air) is blocked resulting in pitta (fire) aggravation that manifests as swelling and irritation of tissues. It is caused by changes in temperature & air pressure in atmosphere. It is also caused due to intake of cold, dry, heavy foods that are incompatible and indigestible. Inhaling airborne allergens also contribute to this condition.

What is the Ayurvedic solution to Sinusitis?

The treatment to sinusitis is multi-faceted. The course of treatment is usually customized according to the intensity of the condition. In general the treatment is aimed at relieving the symptoms, removing the causative factors, re-establishment of proper drainage of nasal discharges. Treatment plan normally includes -

  • The imbalanced doshas are pacified with prescribed diet.
  • General detoxification therapies along with purification of sinuses from toxins.
  • Digestive balance and bowel movements are regularized.
  • Restoration if general immunity in Ayurvedic way
  • Nasya Karma or Nasyam is the therapy highly successful in treating Sinusitis.
  • Lifestyle modifications.
  • Herbal supplements for healthy sinuses

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