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Auirveda Dysmenorrhoea and Homeopathy

Dysmenorrhoea and Homeopathy

Dysmenorrhoea and Homeopathy

By: Dr .Lisa Agarwal, BSc, BHMS

Dysmenorrhoea is medically defined as pain during the menstrual periods which is severe enough to interfere with regular activities.

Menstrual cramps, which are often referred to as dysmenorrhoea, are in the true sense are uterine contractions during certain times of the menstrual cycle which are intense, frequent and prolonged than other times.

Types & Causes of dysmenorrhoea

  • Primary dysmenorrhoea- menstrual pain which does not arise due to an underlying disease /cause. It occurs due to the uterine contractions which occult the blood supply to the endometrium and also the surrounding tissues. Those having primary dysmenorrhoea have frequent uterine contractions and muscle activity and contractility
  • Secondary dysmenorrhoea- pain during menses arising due an underlying cause. The various reasons for such pain are:
  1. Endometriosis
  2. Pelvic inflammatory diseases
  3. Fibroids
  4. Ovarian cysts
  5. Cervical stenosis
  6. Pelvic congestions.

Sign & Symptoms

Pain can begin as early as during ovulation and continue upto 72 hrs with the onset of menses, more commonly it begins with the onset of bleeding.

Primarily the symptom involves pain in the lower abdomen, pelvic, supra pubic region. Pain radiates to the back inner thighs, legs especially with underlying pathologies.

Associated symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, loss of appetite, irritability, hypersensitivity to sound ,touch, smell, anxiety, fatigue.


Menstrual history where the pain interferes with day to day activities establish the diagnosis of dysmenorrhoea.

Once dysmenorrhoea is diagnosed further assessment of the cause should be done to rule out any underlying pathology, for which the common protocol would be:

  • Study of Medical history of patient
  • Pelvic examination
  • Lab tests like Pap smear, ultrasound, laparoscopy.


General management

  • Vit B1, Vit C, Vit E, magnesium supplements.
  • Tropical heat.
  • Increased fluid intake.

Homoeopathic therapeutic management

Dysmenorrhoea can be homoeopathically managed at two levels.

Firstly it can help in the pain relief, alleviating the pain symptoms during the course of menses.

Secondly it can work at the individual’s susceptibility and general body harmony .It will aim at removing the underlying cause of the pain whether it’s the increased contractility of the uterine muscles or the underlying pathology like the fibroids or the endometriosis. It would also work upon the individual’s sensitivity levels especially to pain. Homoeopathy would deal in a holistic way managing all the factors responsible for the pain and other associated symptoms so as to attain a state of general well being without producing any harmful affects upon the reproductive system of the female body ,in turn making it all the more competent and healthy.


Common medicines used to alleviate the pain are Belladona, chamomilla, cimicifuga, colocynthis, magnesium phos, pulsatilla, veratrum album to name a few.

Medicines aimed at working upon the susceptibility and underlying cause are called the constitutional remedies which are not generalised instead individual specific which can be decided upon by your physician after a detailed history analysis.

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