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“I was worried very much about the blood sugar levels of my husband. He was on insulin for about 2 years. I didn’t want him to get addicted to it and wanted a permanent herbal remedy. Doctors in Ayurclinic gave me hope finally. Now my husband has lost some weight and feels more younger and lighter. His level is under control now, and we are hoping for the best.”

Mrs Agarwal was very anxious about her husband’s dependence on insulin. It is about seven months since they started treatment, now there is a hopeful and satisfied smile on her face. There are plenty of diabetes patients who visit Ayurclinic for a customised treatment plan.

Diabetes is known by names like Madhumeha, Prameha and Asrava. There are 20 types of diabetes in Ayurveda according to the predominant humour in each body – Vata (4), Pitta (6) and Kapha (10). The most common one is the one rooted in Kapha. It is caused by the unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity and excessive sleep and stress. Ayurvedic practice probes into the symptoms and finds the predominant humour causing the condition.

The treatment is multi-edged. It includes diet changes, lifestyle changes and Panchakarma – a complete cleansing program along with herbal remedies. By taking a complete ayurvedic treatment, the root cause of diabetes is slowly cured. Diabetes, as we all know, is a condition of an elevated level of glucose in our blood. It is caused due to the lack of insulin, a hormone that converts the glucose into energy. While the remedy in western medicine enables injecting the insulin directly into the bloodstream, Ayurveda strengthens human body and allows the body to expel the excess sugar naturally. It also addresses all the complications caused by diabetes – Diabetes Neuropathy, Diabetes Retinopathy, Diabetic Nephropathy.

Ayurclinic suggests a wholesome lifestyle change along with Yogasana and exercise with herbal remedies can give the diabetic patients a healthy energetic life.

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