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World Health Day

World Health Day - Depression: Let's Talk

World health day falls on April 7 each year. About 193 WHO country members recognizes and sponsors this event. This event aims at improving the life expectancy of people around the world and to promote awareness about various health topics. Form 1995, this event has an annual theme that highlights the priority of the topic to be discussed and be aware of. This year the topic for discussion is "Depression. Let’s talk". Depression has become a common cause of illness among youngsters. The percentage of people living with depression has increased more than 18% between 2005 and 2015, says a WHO survey. The campaign aims at providing the support and good life for people affected by depression.

A natural treatment is far more effective for mental illness because a homeopath or an Ayurvedic practitioner doesn't compromise with treating one single reason as a cause for the mental illness and prescribing medicines to them. Unlike conventional medical system, alternative medicinal theory always traces the deep root of the disease along with the superficial symptoms. They believe that the symptoms are an effort made by our system to restore the initial balance and strengthen the immune system.

The conventional medical system boast of making the symptoms vanish. The actual case is that the symptoms are actually suppressed and not cured. Just as suppressing emotions actually builds up and break at one saturation point in a wrong time and wrong place, suppressing the symptom of acute illness can result in developing chronic diseases much later.

Ayurveda and Homeopathy has treatments that are customized according to the nature and intensity of the disease in that particular patient. Ayurclinic offers therapies with meditation and yoga integrated for an holistic healing of body, mind and soul. Lifestyle changes, herbal remedies, diet, detoxification techniques are carried out to refresh the body and mind of the patient.

On this World health day, let us all pledge to become more health conscious and incline towards nature for the cure of any illness. Let us all beat out stress and stop magnifying our problems. We are after all a small slice of this universe as a whole.

Get to know spiritual knowledge and yogic concepts, feel your body, mind and soul as an integrated whole. Ayurclinic presents Amrutham - an event that helps you taste the fundamentals of natural healing.

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