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Understanding Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine for treating and preventing various types of diseases which work 'Similia Similibus Curantur' meaning 'like cures like'.

'Homeo' - from Greek 'homoios' which means 'of same kind, like or similar' 'pathy' - from Greek 'pathos' which means 'suffering'

Homeopathy means a therapeutic method based on similarity in symptoms. Any substance that can produce symptoms in a healthy person can also be used to cure the similar symptoms in person who is sick. This method of curing was present in ancient Hindu manuscripts. However it was Samuel Hahnemann who made it a basis of complete system of medicine.

There are some fundamental principles on which the treatments of Homeopathy are based -

Similia Similibus Curanter (Principle of similars )

This is the cornerstone philosophy that proposes the law of similars. The basis idea is " that which can cause can cure". The curative property of the drug lies in its ability to produce similar symptoms in a healthy individual. Homeopathy always maintains a relationship between the curative reactions a drug can cause in sick persons and its effects on the healthy persons.

An easy example : Coffee makes healthy people awake and alert. A remedy prepared from coffee in a minute dose called coffea cruda helps out people suffering from insomnia.

Simplex Similimum Minimum (Law of single remedy, minimum dose)

This law is a combination of three theories :

Simplex : Simple medicines to be provided, not compound ones. The mixing of medicines not allowed. Only single remedy at a time is advocated.

Similimum : The entire set of symptoms to be considered to decide on what drug can cure.

Minimum : Homeopathy advocated minimum dose of medicine possible. Low dose medicines with low potency between long period of interval prove to be effective.

Doctrine of Drug Dynamization : (Law of single remedy, minimum dose)

Hahnemann based his cure on law of similars and law of mininmal dose. Later he found that the curative property of the drug is not directly proportional to the quantity of crude drug, but the systematic dilution method makes the concealed inert properties dynamic. This process is called "Potentisation" and it is done by two methods -

Trituration – for insoluble substances.

Succussion – for soluble substances.

This dilution prevents unwanted aggravation of disease and thus homepathic medicines are free of side-effects. This potentized medicines have long lasting, deeper effects. By this method even deadly poisons are transformed into effective medicines.

Law of Individualization:

Doctrine of homeopathy - "Treat the patient, not the disease". No two person are the same, similarly the treatment in Homeopathy is highly customized to each person according to the symptoms.

Law of Direction :

Dr.Constantine Hering proposed this theory on the order in which symptoms cure in true healing. The law states that healing should proceed from center to circumference i.e.,

  • from above downwards
  • from head to hands and feet
  • from within outwards
  • in reverse order of the symtoms
  • from more important organs to less important organs

Homeopathy is based on some laws of nature and thus provides a long lasting cure. The aggressive drugs from conventional medicine works on reverse of the Hering's law and thus suppresses the energy of disease inside which manifests in a different form later. Let's discuss the concept of suppression in next part. Keep watching the space.

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