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Uncommon signs of depression often ignored

We might have seen friends who are hopeless, sad, shedding tears all the time and we know they are delving into depression slowly. There are also some uncommon symptoms of depression that would have been ignored by us as just being 'crazy' or habitual. There is no conventional one-size-fits-all method of symptoms or medication for depression, it can manifest in any form.

Apart from the basic symptoms of depression like sleeplessness, excessive sleep, sadness, loss of interest, low energy, feeling worthless, lethargy etc, the unnoticed symptoms of depression are -

  • Rapid weight change : decreased appetite is a chemical effect of depression. In other case, it might be rapid increase in weight when the person takes refuge in eating and snacking.
  • Physical pain : Research shows that about one third of people who suffer from depression have a chronic physical pain. The mental and physical pressure share same pathways.
  • Hypersensitivity : Responding too much, sudden mood swings, sensitive to light and sound, screaming in public etc
  • Short temper : Irritability - losing balance easily. Anger is one of the common manifestation of depression.
  • Online addiction : For the sake of short term boosts, being online is one of the coping mechanism. Excessive shopping, social media, gambling etc
  • Numbness : When you have no motivating reason to get out of bed and have absolutely nothing to care for. A feeling of total numbness (physical and emotional) leads to ruminating hours together and staying inactive.
  • Workaholic : Not only being inactive, in some cases, concentrating too much on work alone is also a sign of developing depression.
  • Loss of cognitive functions : Memory loss -Suddenly on the way knowing that you have started somewhere but forgot where. Forgetting the name of most common things/places.

Although depression seems a dreadful disorder, it has a history of successful recovery through treatments. When you can recognize that the above are symptoms of depression, you can get a medical help and come out of it easily. Ayurveda gives an integrated approach towards the depression treatment. Ayurclinic specializes in getting a complete cure from depression gradually.

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