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Rasayana Therapy

Regain your physical equilibrium through Rasayana therapy :

Rasayana therapy is one among the eight wings of Ayurveda - Astang Ayurveda. Rasayana Chikitsa or rejuvenation therapy brings several benefits such as prevention of diseases, increased physical and mental capability, nourishes the vital tissues and ensures longevity. The term "Rasayana" means "pathway/source of essence".

Rasa - Vital liquid or essence
Ayan - source

Rasayana is the method by which one gets the excellence of this "rasa". The vital liquid or the nutrition-filled essence nourishes all the parts of our body with necessary energy.This 'rasa' is the nourishing fluid produced immediately after digestion" This body fluid should be of good quality, adequate quantity and proper circulation throughout the body for healthy sustenance of each cell. According to Ayurveda, impairment in these channels cause diseases.


The need for rejuvenation is becoming greater day by day with increase in stress and compelling duties for all. Eating habits is becoming irregular and lifestyle changes has resulted in less physical and more of mental pressure. This causes vitiation of doshas resulting in ailments.

Purpose of rasayana is to

  • Maintain good health
  • Prevent diseases and aging
  • Recurrence of disease

Rasayana therapy is more a preventive therapy than a curative one. This rejuvenation therapy is aimed at improving

  • the function of seven tissues called dhatus.
  • the quality of Ojas - the eighth dhatu - the byproduct of digestion the essence of all nourishment sent to the body.
  • agni - the digestive fire.

However any rasayana has a wholistic effect on human body, enabling us to flush out our toxins and feel refreshed.

Classification :

The classification of rasayanas is varied.

In accordance with the object focused, it is divided into

  • Kamya rasayana for healthy persons.
  1. Pranakamya - promoting longevity and lifespan
  2. Medhakamya - improves mental facullties
  3. Srikamya - promotes lusture and beauty
  • Nimitiika rasayana for cure of specific diseases
  • Ajasrika rasayana is about using our routine foods for nourishment eg: milk, ghee etc.

In accordance with the method of therapy,

  • Dravya Rasayana : Particular herbs or liquid combinations is given for specific ailments of persons
  • Adravya or Achara Rasayana : No conventional use of medicines. General rules for lifestyle and diet with alignment to nature.

In accordance with mode of administration, it is divided into -

  • Kutipraveshika rasayana (indoor regimen)
  • Vatatapika rasayana (outdoor regimen)

Benefits of Rasayana Therapy :

  • Attains longevity, delays aging.
  • Increases digestive fire
  • Nourishes body tissue, blood, lymph, flesh and semen.
  • Improves endocrine gland function
  • Removes excess wastes or excess tissues
  • Increases strength and immunity
  • Improves intellect, memory,
  • Builds a barrier against stress and infection
  • Freedom from diseases
  • A lustrous complexion
  • A beautiful voice
  • Improves the action of channel system
  • It is anti-toxic and anti-infective

Rasayana therapy is indeed a magical contribution from our ancestors to lead a healthy long life by rejuvenating body, mind and soul.

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