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Nature and qualities of Pitta body type

Nature and Qualities of Pitta Body Type

Pitta exhibits the quality of fire and water. It translates as ‘that which cooks’ – the energy for transformation – it aids the processes like digestion and metabolism. If you are of Pitta constitution, you will exhibit the following qualities.

Physical `Characteristics:

  • Medium, strong and well-built body
  • Strong appetite, strong digestion,
  • Moderate muscle development
  • Thin, silky and reddish brown hair- tendency towards premature greyness
  • Natural craving for sweet, astringent and bitter tastes
  • Uninterrupted medium sleep
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Intolerance to the sun or hard work.
  • Warm body temperature

Emotional Characteristics:

  • Orderly, competitive, focused.
  • Good decision makers, speakers, and teachers
  • Sharp and has good concentration
  • Has leadership qualities, like to be in command
  • Precise and outspoken, sometimes sarcastic
  • Abundant vitality and stamina
  • Vigorous, passionate and entrepreneurial
  • Become argumentative, short-tempered and irritated when out of balance

Often Pitta gets aggravated under the hot sun or high temperature when there is a delay in meal time, hard work etc. Eating pitta aggravating foods, drinking coffee, black tea, smoking can also aggravate pitta.

Some general hints to balance excess pitta

  • Add cool foods like cucumber, melons, grapes, coconuts, etc. in your diet
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Engage in calming activities like meditation, spending time with nature, etc.
  • Don’t create unnecessary time pressure to yourself
  • Prefer sweet, astringent and bitter taste
  • Avoid artificial stimulants like Caffeine,
  • Avoid deep fried food and alcohol.
  • Follow a regular daily routine of eating, waking and sleeping
  • Reduce overwork and have a balanced work and leisure routine.

Keeping cool physically and mentally would help pitta in balance.

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