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Nature and qualities of Kapha body type | Ayurveda Blog

Nature and Qualities of Kapha Body Type

Nature and Qualities of Kapha Body Type

Kapha is earth and water in its equilibrium. It is the force that maintains the body resistance. It gives lubrication to joints and helps fill the spaces in the body. Those people with kapha predominance express the following physical and emotional characteristics 

Physical characteristics :

  • Heavy-build, strong and sturdy physique
  • Slow speech 
  • Thick hair and skin
  • Low, soft voice
  • Good health and resistance to disease
  • Sluggish digestion
  • Tendency towards being overweight.
  • Unhurried, steady walk
  • Large and attractive eyes
  • Excellent long term memory
  • Prolonged and sound sleep

Emotional Characteristics:

  • Stable minded, easy going, relaxed, slow to anger and irritation
  • Good savers
  • Caring and compassionate
  • Possessive, greedy and envious when out of balance
  • Hold to people and relationships even when they are no longer necessary
  • Comfortable with routine, an undemanding approach to life

Kapha gets aggravated by excessive rest, excessive sleep and damp chilly weather. It is also imbalanced by overeating and avoiding intellectual challenges.

Balance your excessive kapha with 

  • Kapha-pacifying foods
  • Stimulate yourself with new colours, new sounds etc
  • Get regular rigorous exercise till you sweat
  • Do regular housekeeping, cleaning clutter
  • A warming massage
  • Focus on being non-attached towards daily things
  • No daytime naps. Go to bed early and rise early
  • Be receptive to change
  • Avoid sweet, sour and salty foods

It's better to get a lively and nutrition packed small amount of food to kindle the digestive power and keep yourself energetic.

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