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5 popular myths and facts of Ayurveda

5 popular myths and facts of Ayurveda

5 popular myths and facts of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is just another form of medical treatment.

Not just medicine. Ayurveda is not just the science of prescribing medicines for developed diseases in human body. It is rather a science of life, it advocates proper lifestyle. It's primary aim is to prevent diseases and promotion of health. Healthy habits, proper diet, sound sleep are considered important. It doesn't take just the physical examination but takes the mind, body and spirit as a whole. It involves elimination of accumulated physical and mental toxins from body through therapies, yoga, meditation exercise etc. It works on the balance of whole system. Diet, massages, regular habits are part of the treatment regimen.

Ayurvedic medicine never has side effects and can be taken over-the-counter

Not true. Any medicine has an impact on the physical system it works. Generally since Ayurveda doesn't use any chemicals, the effect on human body is harmless. But the medicines should never be taken over the counter. It requires skilled Ayurvedic practitioner to suggest appropriate medications. In some cases there are toxins present in the herbs that are used for the medicine. A proper ayurvedic formula purifies it completely.

If the time, dosage, method of administering the medicine is overlooked it might cause undesirable effects on human body. A theory in Ayurveda insists on the co-ordination of efforts of doctor, medicine, caretaker and patient for any medicine to be effective. Negligence on the part of any of the four might cause some complications. So self- medication is dangerous in Ayurveda just like any other conventional medical practice.

Ayurvedic medicines are bitter and has unpalatable taste

Taste Vs Cure. Which do you think is important? There are some ayurvedic medicines which carry good taste while many of the formulations carry bitter taste due to the herbal ingredients added. Nature provides us many herbs that do good to our health with a bitter and unpalatable taste. If taste is considered primary in Ayurvedic medicines, we would be left out with a very few herbs to use.

Ayurveda gives violent treatment and aggravates the disease before treatment.

False. This myth must have evolved indicating the elimination therapy. Elimination therapy removes the accumulated ama or toxins in the body. This is, in fact, not obligatory for all treatments.

Ayurveda means herbal cure

No. As popularly believed Ayurveda doesn't deal only with herbal supplements. Although many of the formulations use herbal extracts, it also includes natural metals and minerals in its purest form. More over Ayurveda is an ancient wisdom of leading a healthy life. It includes diet, lifestyle advices, therapies and other means of cure. So Ayurveda is not meant exclusively for herbs. The primary concern is that it doesn't use any synthetic or chemical substances. All its medicines contain only natural substances.

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