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Ayurclinic Health Magazine Melbourne Clinic

Spices and Ayurveda

Indian spices occupy an important place in history. It brought us not only traders but invaders too..

Posted 28-12-2017

Try cucumber smoothie this summer

Summer heat affects many of our day to day activities. Drinking a lot of water to keep us well hydrated is not..

Posted 20-12-2017

Beauty and Ayurveda

An absolute and eternal glow is the result of healthy and balanced body,mind and soul. Ayurveda provides..

Posted 30-11-2017

Digestive process in Ayurveda

Digestion is a crucial part for one's good health. We all know 'we are what we eat'.

Posted 29-11-2017

Treat back pains with Ayurveda

Low back problems are second only to common cold. At some point of time in life, we apply irregular pressure..

Posted 20-11-2017

World Arthritis Day

World Arthritis Day 2017 aims at creating awareness on the benefits of early diagnosis of rheumatic..

Posted 12-10-2017

World Mental Health Day

World Mental health day is celebrated on 10th of October every year. The Event...

Posted 11-10-2017

World Heart Day

World Heart day reminds us of the necessity for the care to be shown towards keeping . .

Posted 28-09-2017

World Alzheimer's Day

Alzheimer is a most common form of Dementia. Dementia is a disorder. .

Posted 21-09-2017


Dementia is a neuro-degenerative disorder that causes impairment. .

Posted 08-09-2017

Add this in your diet - Amla Berry

Amla means "sour". It is Amalaki in Sanskrit. It has numerous medicinal..

Posted 29-08-2017

Renal Diseases and Ayurveda

Chronic kidney disease has become a growing health issue responsible..

Posted 16-08-2017

Sustaining Breastfeeding together

Breast feeding week is celebrated internationally from 1st August to..

Posted 3-08-2017

Child care in Ayurveda

Each child is a boon born to its family and a healthy, disciplined child is..

Posted 31-07-2017

Hepatitis Day – July 28th

World Hepatitis Day falls on July 28 every year creating awareness towards Hepatitis globally. Hepatitis affects millions..

Posted 28-07-2017

Uncommon signs of depression often ignored

We might have seen friends who are hopeless, sad, shedding tears all..

Posted 20-07-2017

Gestation Months And Ayurvedic Meals

Ayurveda being one of the ancient and traditional..

Posted 28-06-2017

International yoga day 2017

"To yoke" the physical body and spirit with ultimate universe is the meaning for the word "Yoga"..

Posted 21-06-2017

Ayurveda and knee pain

Life becomes miserable to move when there is a chronic knee pain. All basic activities..

Posted 20-06-2017

World Environment day

“When the earth is sick and polluted, human health is impossible…. To heal ourselves

Posted 5-06-2017

Ayurvedic approach to weight loss

Many times we wonder about a friend who eats a lot but doesn't put on weight, but those who..

Posted 24-05-2017

Ayurveda and Autumn

Autumn season is characterized by qualities like lightness, cool and dry atmosphere..

Posted 15-05-2017

Effective homeopathic treatments for skin diseases

Everybody love to have a glowing skin. Skin problems..

Posted 05-05-2017

World Asthma Day

'Asthma' is a greek word which means 'panting' or 'labored breathing'. It is a disease that affects..

Posted 02-05-2017

Insomnia and Homeopathy

Sleep was generally considered as a passive mode of human beings until science revealed..

Posted 28-04-2017

Ayurvedic Retreats

Do you love to have a break from your over-stressed everyday life? Do you feel fatigued by..

Posted 25-04-2017

Self Healing

When you accidentally cut your hands with a knife, it is indeed a painful incident for you..

Posted 13-04-2017

World Health Day 2017

World health day falls on April 7 each year. About 193 WHO country members recognizes and sponsors

Posted 6-04-2017

Understanding homeopathy

Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine for treating and preventing various types of diseases

Posted 27-03-2017

Sinusitis and Ayurveda

Sinuses are the hallow cavities that are connected to one another present in the skull. These cavities..

Posted 13-03-2017

Womens day 2017

Good health is an important asset a human being can ever possess. Life becomes burdensome for those..

Posted 08-03-2017

Ayurveda for lower back pain

Low back pain is the most common chronic pain disorders. It is characterized by consistent pain..

Posted 21-02-2017

Amazing Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a miracle herb that has number of healing properties. It has an inspiring history - it is..

Posted 15-02-2017

Yoga Everyday

It is said that about three-fourth of yoga practitioners come across a..

Posted 10-02-2017

Change your attitude ! Beat the stress !

Young adults (age group :18-25 ) continued to report higher levels of

Posted 30-01-2017

Diagnostic Techniques in Ayurveda

When you visit a trained Ayurvedic practitioner, you would be asked a lot ..

Posted 24-01-2017

Summer Detoxification

Ayurvedic concepts visualize summer to be a pitta season. The effects of pitta

Posted 19-01-2017

Move closer to nature this New Year

A fresh year is ahead. New hopes, new resolutions, new..

Posted 09-01-2017

Ayurvedic ways-tackle approaching summer

Do you often struggle with summer heat and its effects on your..

Posted 28-12-2016

Ayurveda and child care

Out of eight branches, one branch of Ayurveda is exclusively dedicated to child care called..

Posted 26-12-2016

Myths and facts of Ayurveda

Not just medicine. Ayurveda is not just the science of prescribing medicines for developed..

Posted 21-12-2016

Ayurvedic diet for summer

Summer is the time when your body heats up and pitta is highly aggravated. Even Vat..

Posted 12-12-2016

Mental constitution and ayurveda

Just as everyone of us possess a unique physical constitution of body(deha prakrti), we have unique proportion..

Posted 28-11-2016

Rasayana Therapy

Rasayana therapy is one among the eight wings of Ayurveda - Astang Ayurveda. Rasayana...

Posted 25-11-2016

Why Yoga classes?

Everyone is aware that yoga has its own benefits. But at times you feel its not for you....

Posted 22-11-2016

Headache and Ayurveda

Headache is such a common problem as we have termed our day to day anxieties as a headache. ...

Posted 14-11-2016

Kapha body type

Kapha is earth and water in its equilibrium. It is the force...

Posted 25-10-2016

Skin Care Ayurveda

Our body is made up of the nutrients from the foods we consume...

Posted 17-10-2016

Mindful eating in Ayurveda

Our body is made up of the nutrients from the foods we consume...

Posted 14-10-2016

Cure for acne in Homeopathy

Panchakarma is an important, basic purification treatment in Ayurveda...

Posted 26-09-2016

7 reasons - panchakarma

Panchakarma is an important, basic purification treatment in Ayurveda...

Posted 23-09-2016

Ayurveda and Hairfall

Losing hair and becoming slowly bald is the worst nightmare for any of us...

Posted 22-09-2016

Add this in your diet- Ghee

Ghee or clarified butter is called the crown jewel of ayurvedic medicines...

Posted 29-08-2016

Add this to your diet- Turmeric

Turmeric is a versatile spice that has many medical values in it. “If I had only...

Posted 13-08-2016

Add this to your diet- GINGER

Ayurveda attributes much of the disorders in the human body to...

Posted 06-09-2016

Pitta body type

Nature and qualities of Pitta body type - Pitta exhibits the quality of fire and...

Posted 05-08-2016

Insomnia and Ayurveda

Insomnia and Ayurveda - Insomnia is a sleep disorder. A habitual...

Posted 27-07-2016

Vata body type

Ayurvedic ideology is based on the balance of tridoshas..

Posted 19-07-2016

Boost your immune system

It is often a hard time and we are forced to put all things on hold when we are ill...

Posted 13-07-2016


Ayurvedic description of health and disease revolves around the concept...

Posted 11-07-2016

Respiratory disorders

Life starts with breath. The atmosphere today is polluted with impurities...

Posted 05-07-2016

Panchamahabhuta creation

Ayurveda is based primarily on theory of creation called panchamahabhuta...

Posted 04-07-2016

The relation of Mahabuthas and Tanmatras, Indriyas

Tanmatra (tan = that; matra = only) in sanskrit means “only that”. It is the basic,

Posted 28-06-2016

Stress and Ayurveda

Life is interesting only when it has deadlines and challenges. But when the demands become inappropriate ..

Posted 27-06-2016

Ayurveda and its Origin

Ayurveda and its Origin - Ayurveda is a science of life as the name suggests..

Posted 25-06-2016


Do you feel tired out when you wake up? Don’t you feel like getting up. Do you spend your day..

Posted 24-06-2016

Diabetes & Ayurveda

“I was worried very much about the blood sugar levels of my husband. He was on insulin..

Posted 16-06-2016

Treating obesity in Ayurveda

People all over the world has turned towards alternative and complement...

Posted 14-06-2016

A surprising note on warm water

Water is elixir of life and it is one of the indispensable necessity..

Posted 04-06-2016

Food and Tridoshas

Indian philosophy gives the theory of pancha bhoothas. According to this theory, every living and..

Posted 20-12-2014

Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica is not a disease but a group of symptoms including pain, numbness..

Posted 14-11-2014

Tennis Elbow Treatment

Tennis elbow is a painful condition of outer side of the elbow..

Posted 08-11-2014

Ulcerative Colitis and Ayurveda

Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease...

Posted 30-10-2014

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Plantar fasciitis is a common condition of pain on the heel or under the feet...

Posted 25-10-2014

Ayurveda and Incompatible Food Combinations

Viruddhahara means food that is incompatible to body or when...

Posted 18-10-2014

Concept of Aging in Ayurveda

Aging is not a disease but it is a natural phenomenon. Accelerated aging, age associated diseases etc..

Posted 12-10-2014

Fighting Addictions with Homoeopathy

Addiction is a continued repetitive behaviour, a condition which...

Posted 08-10-2014

Migraine treatment

Migraine is a chronic neurological disorder. It is characterized by recurrent moderate...

Posted 08-10-2014

Ayurvedic management of Dysmenorrhoea

Dysmenorrhoea is a common gynecological condition of pain during menstruation that affects normal activities...

Posted 04-10-2014

Dysentery And Ayurveda

Dysentery is an infectious disease of gastro intestinal tract especially colon. World Health Organization defines...

Posted 29-09-2014

Developmental disorders – Ayurvedic clinical approach

A model man is one, who possesses a creative brain, skillful hands and an affectionate heart,..

Posted 14-12-2013

Menopause and Homeopathy

Menopause is a transition period in a woman’s life which signals the end of her reproductive age..

Posted 14-12-2013

Homoeopathy and Molluscum Contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum is a viral skin infection, commonly...

Posted 14-12-2013

Tonsillitis and Homeopathy

Tonsillitis and Homeopathy – Two masses of soft tissue at either sides of the back of our throat..

Posted 13-11-2013

Heel pain and Homeopathy

Heel pain is the body’s way of drawing attention to an injury sustainedor..

Posted 13-11-2013

Hay fever and Homeopathy

Hay fever and homeopathy – Hay fever is a variant of a wider entity called...

Posted 13-11-2013

Dysmenorrhoea and Homeopathy

Dysmenorrhoea is medically defined as pain during the menstrual periods...

Posted 13-11-2013

Childhood behavioural disorders and Homeopathy

Every child has their unique patterns of growth and...

Posted 13-11-2013

Prostate Treatments Melbourne Clinic

Benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia...

Posted 23-08-2013

Detoxification and Ayurvedic Panchakarma

Ayurveda emphasises the importance of detoxification. This holistic health...

Posted 26-06-2013

Bronchial Asthma and Ayurveda

It is a common disease affecting around 16 per cent of the global population...

Posted 26-06-2013

Menopause Treatment

Menopause is not a disease.It is a transitional phase that every woman...

Posted 05-06-2013

Cellulitis and Ayurveda

Cellulitis is a common skin infection caused by bacteria. Staphylococcus and streptococcus bacte..

Posted 13-03-2013

Low Libido in Women and Ayurveda

A low libido in women or ‘frigidity’ is generally used to describe a long term lack..

Posted 13-02-2013

Psoriasis and Ayurveda

Psoriasis is a non-infectious, inflammatory chronic skin disease. It is characterized by well-defined...

Posted 29-08-2012

Obesity Management and Weight Loss with Ayurveda

Overweight and obesity indicate a weight greater than what is considered as healthy. Obesity is best ...

Posted 05-08-2012

What is yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian body of knowledge that dates back more than 5,000 years ago....

Posted 15-07-2012

Yoga and Ayurveda in the West

When Yoga came to Western Society in the twentieth century, not much Ayurveda came along with it...

Posted 12-07-2012

What is Ayurveda? Why should I consider it?

Stress is becoming a common cause of illness in the modern world.Modern medicine is..

Posted 26-06-2012

Hyperlipidemia and Ayurveda

Impaired Lipid metabolism is a major health hazard of modern life. Around 50% of people over 25 years of...

Posted 24-06-2012

Seasonal Diseases and Ayurveda

Seasonal Diseases and Ayurveda – Ayurveda gives prior importance..

Posted 20-05-2012

Panchakarma Melbourne

Ayurveda emphasizes preventative and healing therapies along with various methods of purification and rejuvenation...

Posted 15-06-2012

Metals, Minerals and Ayurveda

Minerals and metals are used in Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Modern medicine...

Posted 02-08-2014

Epistaxis and Homoeopathy

Bleeding from the nose is medically called epistaxis.It is usually harmless...

Posted 14-12-2013

Australian National Ayurveda and Yoga Symposium - 2013

The First Australian National Ayurveda and Yoga Symposium will be held in Adelaide 4 – 6 October...

Posted 26-06-2013

Ayuveda Elsternwick Melbourne South East

AYURCLINIC is extending its services to further South – East Melbourne...

Posted 18-07-2012

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