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Pregnancy Care - Part I

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1. Why do women get vomit during pregnancy?

There are a lot of demands placed by the growing fetus for a pregnant women. During the first trimester there is a mild abdominal discomfort accompanied by vomit. In Ayurveda, this is termed as Garbhini Chardi. The new hormonal and chemical changes creates the morning sickness in pregnant women. For some this is caused by nutritional deficiency, strong odors or digestion problems. Vomiting is also considered as an immune response of mother considering the newly developing baby in womb as a foreign body. Natural remedies like lemon, ginger and some herbal supplements from Ayurveda can help relieve continuous vomiting.

2. What to eat during pregnancy? Suggest a pregnancy diet from Ayurveda.

Vedic medicine always recommends a Satvic diet. Satvic means pure natural food that is easy to digest, that which nourishes all the tissues of a mother. These foods give energy and vitality and doesn't create any discomfort or indigestion. Satvic diet gives a patient, settled state of mind which is good for both the baby and mom. It is important to balance Vata during pregnancy, so it is important to have a diet that pacifies Vata.

There are some cravings for women during pregnancy. It is important that these cravings are satisfied for the well-being of the unborn baby. These cravings are instinctive that helps to balance the mother and baby's needs. Ayurvedic diet would provide an idea of what to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy -

  • All fresh and wholesome foods recommended
  • Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dairy products to be added in diet
  • Avoid packed, oily, processed foods
  • Add all six tastes in the diet particularly sweet, salt and sour.
  • Ghee and milk is necessary

Eating in stressful situations, fasting, skipping meals should be avoided. Healthy substitutes should be opted for unhealthy cravings.

3. How does mother's mood affect the baby in womb?

According to Ayurveda, the attitude of mother is most important factor that affects the child's physical and emotional well being in the womb. Even modern researches prove that the deep sorrow, depression or anxiety of mother affects the baby. It is manifested as lower birth weight, colic and some sleep problems. The strong bond between the mother and the baby passes the mother's mood to the baby in womb and makes an impact on its growth.

4. How to care for pregnancy in an ayurvedic way ?

Ayurveda compares the pregnancy and child birth to the germination of a seed in the soil. Ayurveda places a great importance on the quality of the seed, the soil in which the seed grows - the mother's uterus - must also be fertile to get a healthy child. The vedic texts of Ayurveda has a section namely Garbhini Vyakarana which elaborates about the diseases in pregnancy and their treatments, general management, specific management topics and many other practical advices. The chapters deal with Ahar, vihar, achar and vichar meaning diet, activities, behavioral patterns and mental state respectively.

  • Diet : Women should have freshly cooked, warm, moist, nourishing liquid and semi-liquid state which should increase the digestive power.
  • Oil massage called ABHYANGA is recommended for pregnant women. It reduces stress and Vata is balanced.
  • Mother should have positive thoughts, should be calm, happy and healthy.
  • The regimen also emphasizes reading spiritual books, following clean habits, talking good things, staying patient, listening to music etc.
  • A moderate exercise, yoga and meditation is recommended.

5. What is the holistic care provided by Ayurveda for a pregnant women?

Ayurveda provides a regimen for pre-pregnancy stage, pregnancy period and postnatal care for the new mothers. This holistic care makes pregnancy and child birth a pleasant experience and strengthens the new bond between the mother and baby. Many women can trace down some of their chronic illness to the time of their child birth. The reason for such condition is the postpartum stress and fatigue of the mother. When this deficiency is not taken care, the exhausted mother's body becomes a ground for the diseases.

A nutritious diet and calm environment is suggested. The mother and baby should have a lot of rest during the first few weeks of child birth. Ayurclinic provides experts who would perform oil massages for the better rejuvenation of mother. Herbal teas and warm bath helps in restoring the mother's lost energy and gives a complete relaxation and revitalizes her whole body. Many mothers who were under the Ayurclinic guidance in fact say they feel better. When the mother feels better the baby feels better and healthy.

6. How to treat morning sickness naturally?

Morning sickness is a collective term used for the discomforts of pregnant women during first trimester. It is generally vomiting or a feeling of tiredness, fatigue, tingling in throat, headache etc. Though called morning sickness, the episodes of this sickness can be felt at any time of the day.

  • Dietary recommendations : Proper nourishment takes care of the sickness symptoms in pregnant moms. An adequately nutritive meal would keep the pregnancy symptoms pacified and supplement the deficient vitamins in body. Usually Vitamin B deficiency is associated with morning sickness.
  • Herbal and Natural supplements like lemon, ginger, mint leaves would help you reduce the morning sickness considerably.
  • Lifestyle Changes like eating small frequent meals, getting fresh air, staying hydrated, taking small walks and moderate exercises would help to stay refreshed and beat the morning sickness. Lowering of blood sugar level in the morning may cause uneasiness, supplement it with a healthy snack in the morning.

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