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Effective cure for acne in Homeopathy- Homeopathy Melbourne

Effective cure for acne in Homeopathy

Effective cure for acne in Homeopathy

Acne is a familiar skin condition that we see in adolescents. In teenage the growth hormone is at its peak and the oil glands produce more oil. The small pores on our skin is connected to the oil gland beneath the skin. When the excess oil is not drained properly due to blocking, it forms pimple. The blocked gland with oil and cells give a perfect environment for the bacteria to grow.

When our immunity tries to kill the bacteria, it manifests as whiteheads, blackheads, pus filled pimples etc. Although it is not a serious health threat, it is the worst condition of skin the teens hate. Just application of creams and lotions would suppress the acne which would resurface later.

Homeopathy considers all the root causes of acne -

• Hormone levels

• Excess oil secretion

• Genetics

• Pollution/diet

• Certain medications

• Greasy makeup/cosmetics

The treatment is both individualistic and holistic. Apart from the acne specific symptoms, Homeopathy takes an individual examination considering the patient's

• age

• medical history

• physical & emotional composition

• gender

• personal affiliation

• individual case analysis

• susceptibility to diseases etc

Since the treatment considers such a number of factors, the root cause of the condition is easily shortlisted. A suitable remedy is then prescribed with a customized dosage plan. Homeopathic treatment is effective, more easy to take, natural, gentle in nature. It has very positive and encouraging long term effects since it addresses the root of the problem. It reduces and controls the proneness one has in getting acne. For specific doubts that you have for your condition contact us

Find an effective and long term remedy for your acne worries with Ayurclinic today!

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