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Welcome to the most trusted and unbiased health forum of Australia. The Ayurveda Melbourne Forum is where Ayurveda practitioners and health conscious people share honest reviews, researches, home remedies and news on natural wellness. Information is wealth when it comes to healthcare. It is essential to gain relevant & right information is essential. We are the first Australian Ayurveda community to have pioneered in natural Indian therapies of Kerala, the birthplace of Ayurveda. We provide unparalleled quality information on nature care, be it about Women’s health, Men’s health, Respiratory health, Skin disorder, Digestive disorder, Infections, Ayurvedic medicines, doctors, treatments and much more. Our impartial discussions and tips help thousands of people take quick decisions on prevention & cure, adjust lifestyle & diet, and become strong enough through natural wellness. Ayurveda Melbourne Forum is committed to empower and inform every health conscious individual.

Ayurveda Melbourne Forum is a special social initiative by Ayurclinic. Ayurclinic is a specialized center for physical and mental rejuvenation in Ayurveda Melbourne. It is located in 3 places - Melbourne, Baybrook & Taylors Lakes in Australia. The founder Dr. Sajimon George is the pioneer and one of Australia's most accomplished and experienced (25+ years) Ayurvedic practitioner and counsellor. So, be assured that you’re at the right end of the telescope.

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Suite 807/530 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000

+61 3 9078 2940

+61 4 2586 2146

Level 1, 6 South Road, Braybrook, Victoria, Australia 3019

+61 3 9078 2940

+61 4 2586 2146

1 Fastnet Drive, Taylors Lakes, Victoria, Australia 3038

+61 3 9078 2940

+61 4 2586 2146

Health Fund Rebates

Part of our consultations are covered by most Australian Health Insurance Providers including AHM, NIB, BUPA, Medibank Private etc.

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