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Do you feel tired out when you wake up? Don’t you feel like getting up. Do you spend your day with undigested food and feel sleepy in afternoons? Do you stay awake late at night struggling to finish up your work? All this happens because your body is misaligned with the nature.

Help yourself with Ayurvedic suggestions.

“Health”, as defined by WHO, “is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Dinacharya is an ideal daily routine recommended by Ayurveda. It is based on the cycle of nature and makes sure our activities are close to nature. It acts as a general cure for diseases, helps to make a harmonious balance between the energy flows. Take a look and try implementing the wise suggestions from our ancestors :

Each day is divided in a two 12 hour sets – First phase starts with sunrise and ends at sunset. Next phase begins with sunset and ends with the sunrise in next morning. Each day and night has kapha, pitta and vata cycles respectively.

6am – 10am – kapha

10am – 2 pm – pitta

2pm to 6pm – vata

Let your daily routine go in congruence with the predominant doshas and their characteristics for each time-cycle. This creates a harmony between your mind, body and nature thus eliminating the ailments you face.

Waking up

Rise early in the morning, preferably between 4 to 5 am. This time of vata gives you a peaceful and reflective thoughts which is apt time for meditation. Sleeping after 6 am gives you stiffness and tiredness. An hour before the dawn would give you vata qualities and the atmosphere is filled with pure oxygen.

Eliminating :

Drinking lukewarm water first thing in the morning helps elimination of wastes. Vata period before dawn is the best time to empty your colon and bladder. A natural urge should neither be suppressed or induced.

Oral Health :

Ayurveda insists on oral hygiene as a necessary one for general health. Scraping the tongue helps in removing the toxins deposited overnight. gargling with salt water / oil is recommended to strengthen gums, cure cracked lips and improve oral hygiene.

Massage :

A self massage with a warm oil rejuvenates the senses and nerve centers. A 3-5 minute self massage of scalp, forehead, ears and feet is insisted. A touch and appreciation of our own organs gives a harmony between your mind and body. It prevents the skin from the signs of aging and provides a sound sleep and nourishment.

Exercise :

A daily physical activity helps you eliminate excess calories and fills your mind and body with new energy. Ayurveda suggests to perform simple exercises, yoga and some breathing practices. It improves digestive power and gives the stamina for whole day. It is best to be done in morning kapha cycle.

Bathing :

Bathing is an inevitable part of daily routine. Ayurveda proposes to clean the body with lukewarm water. Hair should be cleaned and well maintained. Wearing clean clothes is also insisted. Use of perfumes is also proposed for an aromatic feel.

Meditation :

Spending quality time in meditation calms your mind down and brings peace to mind. Helps you to align with good thoughts and bring a harmonious balance as a whole.

Breakfast :

Taking a wholesome breakfast is important. It is neither good to skip a breakfast nor over eat. It should be fulfilling until the next meal.

Lunch :

Lunch should be eaten between 12 and 1 pm. Since it falls in Pitta cycle, the digestive fire is at its highest. Thus mid day meal should be the biggest meal for the day. It is suggested to have a short walk or a power nap.

Dusk :

Sundown is a special time in a day. It is the best time to reflect on the day, spend some time spiritually and go for a relaxed walk. Good time to connect with inner-self. Vata time enhances your mental power – best time to work with your brain / creativity.

Dinner / Bedtime

Best time for dinner is 6 – 7 pm. Since it is kapha time and lighter meal is suggested. Three hours before bedtime is ideal for your supper. By the end of kapha time – by 10 pm it is better to be sound asleep. When we enter into pitta period by 10 pm – it not time to digest food, but to reset our body and help digest and renovate our inner organs.

If we are awake, the pitta energy makes us hungry. When we eat, again the pitta fire is spent to digest the food instead of important cleaning process of the body. Your next morning would be tired and not a likely mood to start a day. From 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. it is vata cycle again. This time receptive rather than creative. Early morning gives you beautiful insights and reflections if you are awake. Gives you more presence of mind and teaches you inner harmony.

A typical ayurvedic lifestyle gives you a more balanced and energetic life altogether.

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