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Child care in Ayurveda

Each child is a boon born to its family and a healthy, disciplined child is a boon to the society too. The child's body and mind develops rapidly during the first five years. In these tender years, they are vulnerable to many diseases because

  • Doshas and dhathu (7 tissues) are in development stage and in state of uncertainty
  • Childhood is dominated by kapha dosha
  • Immature immune system
  • The imbalance in their body constitution

Need for a healthy routine.

Children need to have a healthy diet and lifestyle routine for following reasons.

  • A healthy childhood is the foundation for their overall health in future
  • Lifestyle habits inculcated at this stage of life leave a lasting impression in their mind.
  • A healthy and nutritive eating habits will make them be health-conscious and aware throughout their lifetime.
  • Nutritive diet has a direct impact on the physical, mental and cognitive functions of the child.

Healthy diet and its importance :

Ayurveda advocates that the food that we consume must have 'prana' or life force in it. When your food lack intelligence then the consumer is also deficit of it.

  • Dhi - power of learning / acquisition
  • Dhriti - the power of retention
  • Smriti - the power of recalling

The above three are the aspect of mental functions of body. When these abilities are out of balance, the child suffers performance problems. There are millions of micro channels that enable the functions of body, when these are clogged by 'ama' or impurities the imbalance is created. Children are more sensitive towards what they consume than adults. Foods that have chemical substances, junk foods, fried, preserved and frozen foods are those that lack life force in it.

What to give children?

  • home-made, warm foods
  • warm water
  • pure ghee
  • spices
  • dried fruits
  • fresh vegetables, fruits and greens
  • fruits to be given on empty stomach
  • lemon increases digestive power and supplements vitamin c
  • raw honey

Healthy habits

  • regular eating timings
  • eat when hungry
  • turn off TV and games while eating
  • as far as possible eat together as family

What not to give?

  • Chemically processed foods
  • Packed, tinned foods,
  • frozen foods
  • avoid fruits at night
  • avoid mixing milk and fruits(except mango)
  • aerated drinks
  • foods made of refined flour
  • bakery foods
  • chocolates, candy or coco products

Apart from diet, good lifestyle habits and serene family atmosphere makes a child more intelligent and bright. Boost the immunity via diet and lifestyle, once the disease sets in, don't run for antibiotics immediately. Wait for the body's natural ability to cure any disorder. Walk-in and find a natural method to solve your child-related worries with Ayurclinic's experts. Book your appointment here.

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