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Immune System

It is often a hard time and we are forced to put all things on hold when we are ill. We all choose to prevent a condition of falling ill rather than creating a fussy time. A strong immune system is that which helps you fight against thousands of infections that attack us everyday. Ayurvedic term for immune system is vyadhikshamatva.

Vyadhi – disease ; Kshamatwa – tolerance.

As Ayurveda quotes, a strong immunity is a product of quality agni/digestion, proper functioning of liver and good endocrine system.

The immunity is connected with a substance called “Ojas”. It is the essence of good health and the by product of complete digestion and assimilation of food.

It is important for us to protect the ojas for staying healthy and strong. Here are some ways suggested by Ayurveda to keep your immune system healthy.

Food – a primary factor for supporting immunity

Taking right food supports gaining a strong agni. When the digestion is complete, our body gets nourished with nutrients. Ayurveda suggests to take wholesome – “naturally intelligent” foods. Also practice a ‘mindful eating’ habits.

Also when necessary take foods that would pacify your predominant dosha.

Get some physical activity :

Exercising is essential for our body to improve circulation, eliminate some stagnant mental and physical energy. It provides you lightness, firmness, tolerance of difficulties, improves digestion, fosters good sleep. It is not necessary to program a complex exercise to keep your system in balance. Just a 30 mins walk would do wonders in your body, mind and spirit when done regularly.

Enjoy some mind-supportive practices :

Ayurvedic practice supports many subtle therapies. These therapies aim at cleansing the nadi’s or channels of body, flushing out the accumulated ama or toxins, relieves from stress and supporting the overall health by improving the quality of ojas.

Pranayama :

Prana is the life force that probes into every tissues in our body and provides a vital force to us. Pranayama is a breathing practice which would help you rejuvenate your senses and helps in flow of prana into each portion of our body.


Yoga practices helps to regain the vital strength that our body inherently possess. The practice of vata, pitta and kapha pacifying yogas according to your specific body needs would help to attain a perfect harmony with your system and nature.

Meditation :

Meditation practice reveals you the inner world and gives you an easy approach to your queries and problems and enables you to practice a detached view with the material world thereby reducing your stress levels and calming down your nervous system.

Adequate sleep :

Sleep is mandatory for human body to regenerate the cells regularly. During deep sleep our body is very busy recovering itself from all discrepancies that our immune system faces whole day long. Aim to get at least about eight hours of sleep each day. Follow a regular schedule to increase the potential of recovery.

Stress :

Always have an eye on the influence that stress creates on immune system. The release of stress hormones makes a suppressive effect on normal functioning of immune system.

It is just a basic self-care to lead a balanced lifestyle, taking an optimal diet, being hydrated, minimizing stress and practicing meditation and yoga. This creates a perfect balance in physical, emotional and mental state of mind. This in turn paves way for the happy and healthy mankind.

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