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Ayurvedic ways to tackle the approaching summer

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Best Ayurvedic ways to tackle the approaching summer

Do you often struggle with summer heat and its effects on your body? This time make yourself cool and enjoy this approaching temperature with some Ayurvedic techniques that would help you maintain the balance.One of the primary rule in Ayurveda is to align your diet, habits and routines with the season. Some seasonal adjustments come naturally, but some personalized effort from our side with respect to our constitution would enhance the overall vitality and energy. Summer is a season of dehydration, lethargy and lack of energy due to exhaustion. It is basically a pitta season.

  • Water :

Drinking plenty of water helps you to prevent your body from becoming dehydrated and helps to flush out toxins.

  • Diet :

Eat pitta pacifying green leafy foods, a lot of fruits and vegetables. This is a season where our body needs light meals since our internal fire - Agni is dispersed to make our body cool. So it is best time to avoid spicy, pungent foods this season. This is the time to favor sweet, bitter and astringent foods. It is better to have liquids at room temperature. Very cold food and drinks disturb the digestive ability and create toxins in the body.

  • Lifestyle :

It is generally easy to wake up early during summer and it is good to do so.

Morning hours are great time to do your exercise, perform yoga and meditation which would make your mind and body refreshed.

Perform abhyanga or self-massage with coconut oil before shower.

Wear light, breathable fabric and moisturize your skin regularly.

Have a good night's sleep

On hot days a small afternoon nap would be helpful.

Absorb the early morning rays and feel the fact that sun is the source of all life. Take a detoxification therapy at Ayurclinic and rejuvenate completely. Align with nature and beat the intense heat naturally this summer.

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