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Ayurveda and hair fall

Ayurveda and hair fall

Hair Loss :

Losing hair and becoming slowly bald is the worst nightmare for any of us particularly younger generation. Hair loss is becoming more common today. According to Ayurveda, hair and nail are "the malas of asthi dhatu", that is they are the waste products that results from the metabolic process involved in the production of bones. In short, they are the by products of bone formation.

The disturbances in this bone tissue metabolism is reflected in the health of hair. In Ayurveda, excessive hair fall is called khalitya - classified under shiroroga (Headache). Ayurvedic causes of hair loss are

• Body type or mind-body constituent

• Aggravation of dosha (Vata, Pitta or Kapha or all the three)

• Polluted environment

• Lack of sleep

• Non application of oil

• Improper digestion

• Hormonal & nutritional deficiency

• Vitiated Rakta dosha

Increased Pitta dosha is considered to be the major reason for hair loss according to Ayurveda. Pitta is aggravated in hot climatic conditions, eating excessive oil & spicy foods, excessive consumption of alcohol, tea, coffee, salty and fermented foods.

There are three stages of hairloss as per Ayurveda.

- Khalitya - hair loss

- Palitya - Early graying of hair or hypo pigmentation

- Indralupta - complete baldness of head

The vitiated vata and pitta enters the hair follicles and makes the hair to fall. When the kapha and rakta vitiation add to it, it closes thehair follicles preventing the new hair growth resulting in complete baldness.

Khalitya is divided into following categories specific to predominant dosha :

• Vata Khalitya: The scalp seems red.

• Pitta Khalitya: The scalp appears bluish or greenish with lot of sweat. The veins are clearly visible.

• Kapha Khalitya: The scalp looks normal but is pale.

• Tridoshaja Khalitya: Vitiation of all three doshas resulting in damage to scalp and hair.

The normal growth rate of hair in a balanced condition is half an inch per month. Some hairs are in growth phase and the remaining in rest phase. The hairs in resting phase tend to fall after sometime and new ones grow in that place. So a small quantity of hair fall is much common.

Genetic baldness is caused by body's inability to produce new hairs. Other causes include stress, some type of medication, anemia, usage of chemicals, blood impurity, some type of infections and improper hair care also can cause hair fall. Ayurvedic treatment of hairloss is customized as per the individual's needs. It generally includes

• Pitta pacifying nutritional diet

• Herbal treatment

• Oil head massages

• Lifestyle changes

• Activating sebaceous glands

• Stimulating digestive power (agni)

• Detoxifying therapies - Panchakarma

• Yoga & Meditation

A healthy, lustrous long hair ensures confidence and energy to your lifestyle

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