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Ayurveda and Autumn

Ayurveda and Autumn

Autumn season is characterized by qualities like lightness, cool and dry atmosphere. The heat of summer is accumulated and the dryness of Autumn is increased by winds. The earth cools and it is necessarily a season of deficiency and change that reflects in fall of leaves from the trees. Autumn exactly displays all the qualities of vata - dry, light, unpredictable, cool, mobile, windy. It is thus called Vata season. There is very chance for Vata in our body to go out of balance and thus aggravating other two doshas too.

Ayurvedic seasonal routine for Autumn

Due to fast-moving, stressed life, most of us in fact frequently experience the symptoms of vata imbalance - constipation, dryness, restlessness, insomnia and racing mind. Ayurveda suggests us to balance the aggravated qualities - retain moisture for dryness - internally and externally. Slow down consciously to match the restless, mobile nature. Increase warmth to balance coolness.

Fall is a lovely season of coolness and windy weather - balance your body and enjoy the season in good health. Ayurveda suggests some seasonal routine -

Diet -

  • Prefer warm, moist foods.
  • Take a warm drink - a cup of warm milk before bed to get a good sleep.
  • Coffee and other caffeinated drinks can be stimulating, better replace it with warm soups.
  • Concentrate on salty, sour and sweet foods
  • Include ghee in the diet
  • Add warming spices like ginger, cardamom and nutmeg in diet
  • Avoid, astringent, bitter and pungent tastes.
  • Follow the lead of your digestion and appetite

Lifestyle -

Agitated vata minds needs regular routine of eating and sleeping to slow down. Be to bed before 10pm and rise before sunrise. When we align our routine to nature, a peaceful harmony is established that promotes optimum health. Take a warm shower and a self -massage with sesame oil. Enjoy physical activity with a steady and smooth pace that conserves energy. Seek silence and be relaxed through yoga and meditation. It is a time to strengthen immunity and stay inspired with increased creativity and intuition. Skin tends to go too dry and needs nourishing oil massage now and then.

Each season has some gifts to offer us. Enjoy the goodness that nature has to offer with a perfect health and alignment with nature.

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