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A surprising note on warm water | Ayurveda Health Blog

A surprising note on warm water

Water is elixir of life and it is one of the indispensable necessity for human survival. especially it is the warm water that gives you a dozen of health benefits. Drink warm water regularly and you would be surprised to enjoy the following benefits

Shed your extra pounds :

You can increase your metabolism with hot water and shed some extra kilos on the go.It increases your body temperature. Adipose tissues lying under the skin are broken down with hot water. For more effective results combine warm water with lemon and honey.

Clears sore throat:

Hot water clears sore throat, cures cold and it slowly dilutes the thick phlegm and clears it from the respiratory track.

Eases cramps:

Sipping hot water eases the menstrual cramps in women. Also those who have a sore stomach, hot water gives a relaxation to the abdomen muscles giving you relief.

Solves constipation issues:

A well known foremost remedy for constipation is drinking warm water. Drink hot water regularly and forget about constipation.

Skin health:

Hot water flushes out the toxins from the body and gives you a clearer skin. It repairs the affected skin cells and gives you a wrinkle free skin. Staying hydrated is a key to stay young forever. It also prevents getting acne and pimples.

Blood flow:

As said early, warm water breaks down all the fat deposits in the nervous system and eases the muscle cramps. This increases the blood circulation and enhances a free flow of nutrients and oxygen to all parts of body.

Goodbye Dandruff:

Regular consumption of hot water makes your scalp hydrated and says goodbye to your dandruff problems. It promotes the root activity of hair and gives you a healthy, soft hair.

Aids Digestion:

Drinking a hot water after your meal prevents the solidifying of the oil present in the food thereby decreasing process of accumulation of fat. Stimulate the digestion process with a glass of warm water.

Staying hydrated is an important factor that keeps you healthy and active. Warm water flushes all the toxins from body and keeps you energetic through out the day. It keeps you away from occasional cold and allergies and helps to build your immune system naturally.

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